yarnharpy (yarnharpy) wrote,

seeking hat advice

I am seeking some hat advice.
I look ridiculous in most hats. Seriously. I can pull off a baseball cap if it's just the right one, well broken-in and my hair is pulled smoothly into a high ponytail coming through the back of the hat. Dave thinks I look cute in a bucket hat (which works best on me if my hair is in braids).
However, when it comes to winter hats, warmer hats, knitted hats, I am totally at a loss. I have a chullo-style hat that I wear outside when it's cold and it works for being cold. I suspect it's the largeness of the hat where it covers most of your head.
From there, I have no idea what would work on me.
I have a round, large head. Seriously. It's just a big head. (Some would say I can be a fathead, but that's beside the point.) And I have thick curly hair, which inevitably will just stick out from under the edge hat in an awkward way that implies that it is trying desperately to force the hat off my head.
But I see these knitted hat patterns and I want to make one. I want a hat that is stylish and warm and comfortable and yet that I can wear with my hair down or at least mostly down instead of having to wrangle the hair into submission in a ponytail or braids - something I can wear in the mornings on my way to work and not have to take off before I get out of the car and start seeing co-workers and students because I look so silly in it that I don't want anyone to see.
Does anyone who reads this have any idea what might work for me?
I've tried going to stores and trying on hats, but since I have a larger-than-average head measurement, they are always too small and therefore look silly anyway, whether the style might work for me in the right size or not.

Of course, just after writing this, I see that there is going to be a feature in the Nashua Telegraph tomorrow (Living section) on how warm hats are now back in style.
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