yarnharpy (yarnharpy) wrote,

Pink Auctions 2009

So, we're waking the Pink Auctions up from their long nap and reviving them for this year!
Nothing has been started yet, other than a Facebook page and nabbing the appropriate usernames around the various sites, but just letting you all know that I'm going to attempt to bring it all back this year. I was busy in October of 2007 getting married and then being in grad school this past year, but I'll be finishing my Masters in the next week or two and will be able to do this for this October!

Spread the good word and look for us on Facebook! :)

We now have the following usernames to sell under:
eBay: pink_auctions
Etsy: pinkauctions
Artfire: pinkauctions
Twitter: @pinkauctions

More info and changes to come - I need to finish up this Masters degree first! (I'll be done in the next week or two.)
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