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the summer plan

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As I posted to Twitter yesterday, my summer job is gone - the program seems to have somewhat imploded. I'm disappointed because I was starting weekly lesson plans for this year and I like working with Kathy (purplepuggles's stepmom) but I guess things just happen. It's also more proof of my theory that I can't count on anything without jinxing it, but that's something for another day.

Anyway, since the summer job is not happening, that leaves me with two options: temp job or no job. Dave and I discussed it and since I have grad school to worry about, a 40 hour a week temp job (for minimal pay doing filing and office support work) plus grad school plus continuing to teach piano lessons is going to make it so that I am constantly either at work or doing coursework. So, we're looking at this summer as an opportunity for things to finally get done. The plan is to teach piano lessons as I have been for the past 12 years, put more energy into my grad school work and do all the million things that need to be done. My list of things to do will be a mile long and I am going to start it on paper (and maybe on a simple web page so that I can get to it from anywhere and watch it develop and progress).

Over the years and especially the last year, so much stuff was just thrown into boxes. And we both have way too much stuff. So those boxes need to be tackled - all eleventy bazillion of them.

I need to get in shape. Or at least make some headway. So my day is going to need to start with going for a walk at the minimum, more as I get back into it.

I have barely touched my violin since buying it in the fall. I haven't touched my flute in over a year. I haven't touched my saxophone in over two years. Clarinet? Probably five+ years.

The apartment desperately needs reorganizing. We had to move in and everything just kind of came in. I was organizing for that first week while Dave was in Amsterdam and it was just my stuff and a little bit of his, but as we both started bringing in bigger loads of stuff, it got less and less organized and more and more cramped.

My wardrobe needs an overhaul something fierce. Clothes that need to be repaired, things I will absolutely never wear again, things that are in my parents' attic that I have long since forgotten, things that need to be reconstructed to be more flattering.

Knitting and crocheting projects that have been left unfinished (UFOs), art supplies untouched...

So, all that said, it's going to be 10 weeks of catching up on life.
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