yarnharpy (yarnharpy) wrote,

vote for Dave... please?

Jason Calacanis is having a logo competition and I personally think Dave's submission is kickass. Clearly.

It's #15, the big black-and-white bulldog.


Please vote for him.

If you do, come here, leave a comment to tell me that you did. There might be something in it for you. ;)

Seriously, though, if you like it, vote for it. Please and thank you. :)

Feel free to spread this around if you know and love my husband. In the platonic sense, of course. He's all mine. Hands off, ladies... unless there's enough alpaca and cashmere to distract me. ;)

Edit (10:51PM) - When you leave a comment, check your email and click the verification link. It's just a comment-spam prevention measure that he uses.
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